Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia
Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia


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Family Hikes and Walks

Fisherman’s Trail (45 minutes - 1 hour return trip)

Travel towards the Service Centre and turn right into the Rod & Gun entrance, just before the Kitimat River Bridge. Park your vehicle here. The trail begins at the edge of the river and is accessible at most times of the year; however, it is NOT recommended that you use this trail when the Kitimat River is high. Please be aware of bears and take extra caution in this area.

Giant Spruce Tree & Kitimat River (45 minutes - 1 hour return trip)

Both the Sitka Spruce Tree and the Kitimat River are accessible by vehicle.

You have the option to park your vehicle at the Riverlodge Recreation Centre parking lot and follow Columbia Street up to the gravel road. Turn right on the gravel road. If you are walking keep to the left hand side in case of traffic. Take your first left turn down a small hill until you come to a cleared area on the left hand side. Enter past the cleared area and follow straight through to the parking area. You will see the overhead sign to the Sitka Spruce. Don’t stop at the first of the large spruce trees, a few more steps will take you to the Giant Sitka Spruce!

If you continue on the main road past the cleared area, the road will take you right to the Kitimat River an excellent fishing spot. Not suitable for all vehicles. Proceed with caution.

Hirsch Creek Park

Take Highway 37 North and just after the Hirsch Creek Bridge, turn left into Hirsch Creek Park. Within Hirsch Creek Park there are short hiking trails. Take the right fork of the park road and watch for hiking trail signs. There is also a ball field and picnic area here.

Extra Caution: Be cautious on trails near creek due to erosion, and for bears during salmon spawning season.

Touring Kitimat

Kitimat is a planned community. Whatever path you choose to take, you will be able to relax. The pathways lead to playing fields, child–friendly parks or wading pool parks. Remember to keep your dog on a leash and carry a pooper-scooper and bag.

North Cove Trail (1 – 1.5 hour return trip)

Caution: 4wd is recommended past Moon Bay Marina.

Extra Caution: Roads are active with industrial traffic on weekdays from 6:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Road may close depending on fire hazards. Take precautions – remember logging trucks have the right of way at all times. Keep your lights on.

Drive past Alcan and turn right on the Bish Forest Road (located approximately 13 km from the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce office) to where you will see a parking lot. Park your vehicle here.

The trail is approximately 850m in length and drops approximately 100m vertical distance to the beach. It is an easy walk down, however a little more difficult coming back. Upon reaching the beach, three (3) picnic tables, an outhouse and one designated fire pit have been provided. There is also a short trail to the viewpoint and several rest benches on the main trail. Generally this trail is of an easy to moderate hiking standard and providing you take your time, should be an enjoyable yet physically rewarding experience for all ages.

If you look closely at some of the older cedar trees along the trail, you will notice old tapered or rectangular scar(s) on them. Many of these scars are the remnants of past bark stripping, done by the local natives who gathered bark to make a variety of items, such as clothing, baskets and rope; essential for survival prior to the introduction of more modern materials.

Pine Creek Trail (45 minutes - 1 hour return trip)

Turn onto the Kitamaat Village Road and travel 2 km down the road, across two bridges and turn right at the Minette Bay Lodge sign. Travel approximately ½ km down this road to a bridge. The trail starts on the right just before the bridge; it is marked by a blue sign on the left hand side, across the bridge. It will take approximately 30 minutes to hike to the end (one way), you can either return the way you came, or, after reaching the end of the trail, turn right on the gravel road, then right again at the Minette Bay Lodge sign, to return to your vehicle. This is a great hike for all ages; you are quickly nestled in big cedars (old growth forest) and following babbling brooks teaming with small fry.

There are many great opportunities to view spawning salmon. Keep a watchful eye out for the beaver that has been busy this summer.

Moderate Hikes

Coho Flats Trail (90 minutes return trip)

The Coho Flats Trail is a dual hiking and biking trail. The trail starts at the back of an empty lot beside the Baxter Street Apartments. Park your vehicle in the vacant lot on Baxter Street. The trail is well blazed and easy to follow. This is an excellent place to fish!

Caution: When using this trail, it is recommended that you mark your exit clearly to make it easily identifiable and accessible for your return.

Clearwater Lakes Trails

Drive towards Terrace on Highway 37 for 31 km and park at the pull-out area at Onion Lake. The 6 km trail leads you through old growth forest and around the Clearwater Lakes. At the lake you can turn either left or right and circle both lakes. A side trail leads to a viewpoint overlooking Lakelse Lake. Take your fishing rod with you as there are some nice fresh water trout in Big Clearwater Lake.

Caution: This trail has a steep switch back, be careful with small children as there is no railing. Please also be aware that this area may be slippery and take extreme caution during windy periods due to standing dead trees.

This is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon with the whole family!

Hirsch Creek Canyon Falls

There are two ways to reach the falls, route one is much longer and more challenging, while route two skips most of the trail. Regardless of which route you choose, the viewpoint is a perfect place for some great photography as it provides a spectacular view overlooking the creek.

Caution: Slippery sections, please watch your footing.

Route 1 (3 - 4 hours return trip)

Drive along Forest Avenue past the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce building and take the first left hand turn approximately 1 km from the Chamber of Commerce. Drive past a large metal gate (gravel pit) on your right hand side and drive to the old Hirsch Creek Bridge (approximately 1 km from the left hand turn). Park your vehicle before the bridge. About 35m from the bridge, on the right side of the road there is a large opening in the woods. Follow it down the small hill and watch for a sign on a tree on your right hand side. This marks the start of the trail. At the first fork in the trail (approximately 5 minutes from the trail head), proceed right. The left fork will take you down to the creek.

You will reach a second fork in the trail; keep to the right. If you take the left it will take you down to the creek and a naturally formed pool, “Egg Rock.”

At the third fork, proceeds left. It will take you about 10 minutes from here to reach the lookout point and the trail to the creek. From this point on you can either take the trail to the left which will take you to the lookout area or you can take the trail to the right which will take you to a creek.

Route 2 (40 minutes return trip)

Drive along Forest Avenue past the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce for 4.3 km. The entrance to the trail at the top of the ridge is on the left hand side marked by signs on the tree just before the beginning of the trail (if you come to a bridge, you have gone too far). It is approximately 20 minutes to the canyon viewpoint.

Advanced Hikes

Clague Mountain (8 - 10 hours return trip – Elevation 1350m)

Clague Mountain is a difficult 6 km trail. From the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce, drive towards Kitimat, on Haisla Boulevard and over the Haisla Bridge to Service Centre. When you come to the Kitimat Hotel on Enterprise Avenue, turn right. Continue down this road until you reach the gravel road. Follow the gravel road over the railroad tracks and then turn right on the Eurocan Logging Road. Continue north on this road for approximately 1 km. Turn left and follow the side road for approximately 2 km. You will reach a wide-open area, park your vehicle here and continue up the mountain. The first part of the trail is very rocky and can be slippery. After approximately 2.5 hours you should reach the Miner’s cabin.

To carry on to the summit, follow the trail up a steep hill behind the cabin (approximately 45 minutes to the ridge). Walk along the ridge, through open country (approximately 1.5 hours) to reach the peak. Allow 3 - 4 hours to reach the summit and 2 hours down.

Caution: Along this trail you may have to do some rock climbing up a face of loose rocks. In addition, you may have to cross over sheets of ice and snow. Please be sure to carry insect repellent, you will need it. Claque is know for the “Bugs and Mud”.

Mount Elizabeth (9 - 12 hours return trip - Elevation 1850m)

Drive north on Highway 37 and turn right when you see the Mount Elizabeth sign (approximately 7.5 km from The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Office). Stay on Eurocan’s Hirsch Creek Main Road for approximately 13 km. The hike begins on the left, 200m past the creek. There is a sign on your right indicating the trail. Park your vehicle here and continue up the deactivated logging road on foot. There is a fork in the road, keep to your left. At the end of this road (approximately3 km from your vehicle)the actual trail starts on your left. It is marked with a sign.

Mt. Elizabeth is a difficult trail and is only recommended for experienced hikers. Depending on your ability, you may choose to hike to the Lookout (1.5-2.5 hours one way), Little Elizabeth (3.5-4.5 hours one way), or the Summit of Mount Elizabeth (5-6 hours one way).

The Lookout (1.5-2.5 hours one way)

If you are an advanced hiker, you can continue to Little Elizabeth from the Lookout which is another two hours of hiking. This is a hard hike up rock and vertical hills. You usually encounter snow and broken shale, which can be slippery. Be sure to stay on the trail and use extreme caution along ridges. The trail is marked by circles spray-painted onto the rocks.

Caution: Please be aware of sudden weather changes, such as fog and low cloud, if this occurs turn back immediately.

Mount Elizabeth Summit (5 - 6 hours one way - Elevation 1850m)

From the peak of Little Elizabeth, expect another 1-1.5 hours of additional hiking time. Follow the trail due north, down a small hill and then up to the summit of Mount Elizabeth. This is a very difficult trail of loose rocks. The area is very slippery due to snow and ice.

Extreme Caution Should Be Taken: The recommendation is only experienced hikers should attempt this climb.

Robinson Lake Trail (5 - 7 hours return trip)

Route 1

Start on the logging road passing the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce and drive for approximately 1.9 km. Turn right on to Wathl Main Road. There is a “Wathl Main” sign in the trees that marks the start of the road. Approximately 1 km from the start of Wathl Main Road there is a view of Kitimat. Drive along Wathl Main for approximately 3.5 km to reach the Robinson Lake trailhead. There are coloured ribbons along the side of the road.

The trail is well marked. Use caution on the bridges as some are starting to rot. You will walk approximately 1 hour and then spend about 45 minutes going through swamp and meadows before reaching the lake.

Caution: This trail may be extremely wet over the last 1.5 km. Waterproof hiking boots are recommended.

Route 2

Turn off Highway 37 onto the Kitimat Village Road. Travel down this road for 2.3 km and after crossing the Cordella Creek Bridge turn left into the gravel pit. Head up to the right and follow the road for 0.7 km to the trailhead. The trail is 4 km long and takes you past a series of small lakes before reaching Robinson Lake. This route can be very muddy and wet, therefore appropriate footwear is recommended.

Robinson Ridge Trail (5 - 7 hours return trip, Elevation 1100m)

From the trailhead to the cabin is only a 2-3 hour hike, however, due to the poor condition of the roads the trailhead cannot be reached by vehicle. From the Chamber of Commerce, head approximately 1 km up the gravel road to a fork; take the right turn (South Hirsch Main). Between the km 7 and km 8 markers, turn right onto Branch Road 100. Travel on this road until road conditions no longer allow. After stopping, follow the gravel road until it ends and the trail begins. The trailhead is approximately 4 km from the junction with South Hirsch Main.

Caution: Please use care on wooden bridges. The wood may be rotting.

Caution: Please be aware of sudden weather changes, such as fog and low cloud, if this occurs turn back immediately.

The trail is well marked and easy to follow however it can be very muddy at times as it is mainly a winter trail for snowmobiles and skiers. This steep, challenging trail leads to a cabin and lake. From here, one can continue on to the ridge (elevation 1300m) overlooking the Kitimat Valley and townsite.

Douglas Channel Trail (4 - 8 hours, 5.5 km one way)

Drive past Alcan and turn right on the Bish Forest Road (located approximately 13 km from the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce office).

Caution: 4wd is recommended.

Extra Caution: Roads are active with industrial traffic on weekdays from 6:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Road may close depending on fire hazards. Take precautions – remember logging trucks have the right of way at all times. Keep your lights on.

This is the parking lot. You will notice a large sign to the right of where you have parked that is the entrance to the trail. This trail starts out fairly easy. You are led through large old growth that is just above the high water mark. Please check tide tables before attempting this trail.

The first 300m of the trail allows access to a nice beach which can be enjoyed by all ages. You should reach the second old bridge in approximately 1/2 hour. There are many spots to get to the beach for picnics or beachcombing. There are six alternate access trails (marked as ‘cut-down/cut-up’), which provide opportunities to shorten the hike. The access trails originate from the logging road (Kitimat West Mainline/Bish Mainline), which parallels the trail.

There are tripping hazards, including exposed roots and rocks. Watch your step! It is not necessary to complete the entire 5.5 km trail, you can simply turn back at any time.

The Douglas Channel Trail upgrade project during the summer of 2000 significantly improved approximately 3/5’s (3.5 km) of the trail. The remaining 2/5”s (2.5 km) of the trail was brushed out and marked so that it could be followed but it requires more work to bring it up to the same standard as the first part of the trail.

The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce and Alcan Primary Metal Group – British Columbia are no longer managing this area as a recreation trail. Unsafe and dangerous conditions may exist. Proceed at your own risk.



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