Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia
Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia


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This fly has been given the name the "Gravelwalker". It is one of my favorite flies as the color in the water is awesome. The contrast between the two blues with the silver and blue tinsel is a must. Here are the tying instructions.

Hook: Talon Streamer/Salmon in size 2 or 1/0 depending on conditions. In the winter time I use the larger size, in spring and summer when conditions are clear I use a smaller size. I have been using these hooks for the last few years as a friend, Paul Begin, suggested I use them. The reason being is that these hooks are very similar to a Daiichi as well others that are expensive. Talon have numerous styles and can be purchased thru a company in Alberta Canada called Superfly. All of the materials I use are from Superfly.

Thread: 6/0 in Blue. I use the blue because my wife bought me all these neat color threads for my birthday, so why not.

Body: I wrap the entire body with silver tinsel. This I feel this entices the fish.

1st wing: Use one feather of light blue make 2 wraps and tie off. Then I tie 5 strands of blue tinsel to the top of the hook. What I do next is spread the tinsel along the top of the fly then fold the tinsel under the hook so your 5 strands now turns into 10. 5 on top 5 on the bottom. Trim excess tinsel so it does not lay beyond the light blue marabou feather.

2nd wing: Tie in another feather, this time dark Blue and make 2 wraps forward, ensure that you do not inter-twine the feathers as they can easily get wrapped up in one another. I find that marabou is very difficult to palmer as it is so delicate. Practise makes perfect. After you have tied these in use your scissor tip to stroke the feathers, this will make sure that any feather that is caught in the process is now nicely presented. You can tell once wet how good your tie was.

Whip finish and use head cement to complete your tie.