Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia
Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia


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Kitimat Kombo

Two years ago, I was having good success using spey type flies on the Kitimat, favoring one called a Popsicle and I was fishing with a friend who was using a rubber worm. We were both doing equally well, but we seldom caught fish in the same run. It seemed like I was picking up all my fish in slower moving runs and in the faster moving water, Manny's worm reigned supreme. At the end of the day, Manny made the comment, "What a guy needs is a fly like yours with a rubber worm on it" .and the Kitimat Kombo was born.

Hook.size 1/0 streamer rabbit strip (think worm here)

Body.flat silver tinsel

Underwing.soft pink saddle hackle

Wing.purple over red over pink marabou.tie in a few strands of silver flashabou after the first course of marabou. or tungsten bead (glass is much cheaper and works just as good. You can add a couple of wraps of lead if you want a little more weight, or you can dispense with the bead altogether if you wish. I like the finish it gives the fly and I think it helps the fly move better through the water, akin to a Clauser's minnow.)

-After the hook barb has been filed smooth, slide the bead head over the hook bend and place it next to the eye

-Tie in a piece of pink rabbit strip at least twice the length of the hook shank. (tying tip.cup the skin down, against the top of the hook as the rabbit strip is tied into place. This makes for a much neater, tighter body section near the tail, helps the tail stay straight and prevents tangling with the hook point)

-Wrap a tinsel body to cover the bottom two thirds of the hook shank.leave at least three eighths of an inch room behind the eye to tie in all the wings. I add a fine wire rib for durability, as steelhead tend to tear the fly up pretty good on a strike and I can usually get a fly to last for two or three fish before it has to be retired to the recycle bin.

-Tie in the pink saddle hackle, aiming all the barbules toward the hook point.

-Tie in a clump of pink marabou (tying tip.tie in the extreme tip of the feather first. It makes it easier when wrapping the marabou strands) and wrap, spey fashion - toward the eye of the hook. Be careful to not overlap turns of the marabou and pull the individual strands back toward the hook point with the fingers of your free hand with each wrap of the feather.

-Tie in a few strands of silver flashabou.the ends should extend a little shorter than the marabou strands.

-Tie in a clump of red marabou and wrap as per the pink. Brush the marabou tendrils back with each wrap.

-Tie in a clump of purple marabou and wrap it tight to the back side of the bead head, ensuring the bead is locked rigidly in place. If you come up a little short, don't overdress with marabou - just shove the bead tight to the marabou and tie in a conventional eye between the bead and the eye of the hook.

-Whip finish and glue with head cement.

The finished fly looks quite a bit like something the cat coughed up, but once it is in the water, it swims well and works like magic. Make sure you hang on tight!